Serge – he’s a CLIPOGOULO fanatic!

Publié le 7 mars 2019

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A really nice photo, don’t you think! Serge’s face shows the real pride that he takes from having patiently labelled all the wines in his cellar with our new cellar marking system.

Starting with his wine from the Drôme in Provence he opens the door to his holy of holies… and earns our endless gratitude!

Serge, how do you indulge your passion for wine?

I’ve been crazy about wine for a very long time, and it’s something that I share with my wife. And I actually collect wine labels! I’ve got about 600 bottles in my cellar at the moment.

What problems did you have in terms of managing your cellar?

Like many other wine-lovers I came up with my own solutions for identifying my wines. But due to the conditions in the cellar the wines actually went off quickly, so my management system didn’t really work!

So what’s the benefit of CLIPOGOULO?

As you can see here on my “wall”, it’s changed everything! I’ve rediscovered bottles and vintages that I’d forgotten about. The details of each bottle are clearly displayed on the label so I no longer need to take out dozens of bottles in order to find the one I want! These systems can be used for ever, I think they’re great!! As are the CLIPETIK rails that I’ve installed on my racks.

I’m continuing to reorganise my cellar thanks to your systems, and I’m really enjoying it!

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