Who are we?


Scanwine is a start-up developed by Gaël PETTON who worked for over 17 years as the marketing manager of major agro-industrial businesses in Brittany and the Paris region (Evialis, Groupe Avril).

He’s a wine lover – although he doesn’t consider himself to be as much of an expert as he’d like to be – and he wanted the Scanwine story to be about combining the pleasure and practicality of managing the bottles in your wine cellar! The desire to be in control of your cellar while letting your wines age in peace …

“There’s no denying that we already live in a very connected, if not hyper-connected, world … the technology involved is essential but it also risks the loss of any individuality and any “physical” pleasure. And the atmosphere of a wine cellar is created by the bottles that you love to touch and to look at, and by how it’s organised and decorated – it’s all connected!” he says.

That’s why Scanwine aims to provide the best way of simplifying the management of your wine cellar. So our “babies” – CLIPOGOULO and CLIPETIK –are purely intended to make the day-to-day running of your wine cellar a little bit easier by helping you to identify your wines…

Because we realise that your wine cellar is SACRED!