Fabien, a young wine-lover… and CLIPOGOULO fan!

Publié le 7 mars 2019

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Boundless enthusiasm! At his home near Paris Fabien greets you with a welcoming smile! The pleasure he gets from sharing his tastes and ambitions relating to wines comes across in everything he says. And he’s just as enthusiastic about our bottle marker which he’s using so that he can find his lovingly tended wines more easily.

Fabien, can you just give me an outline of your wine cabinet?

It’s a VIP180 La Sommelière cabinet. It has a stated capacity of 180 bottles, but mine’s only half full. With its pretty glass door and its wooden racks it’s an ideal adornment for the lounge.

What we’re particularly interested in is finding out which types of wine you like. Loire, Burgundy, or wines from the south-west of France … ?

I’m really into the “wine appreciation” aspect of it all! I’m still a beginner in this regard and I’m always looking to improve my palate. However, at the moment I tend to go for Bordeaux wines, and my wife likes them too. I generally take note of when a wine will be at its best and I buy accordingly. At the moment the restocking that I’ve done means that I’ve got enough bottles to drink over the next year or so, and now I’m looking for wines to keep for longer periods. So now I’m buying from different sources (wine cellars / wine shows / direct from wine-growers).

What do you like about our CLIPOGOULO system?

Until recently I’d been using a much more rudimentary system. I sellotaped a note of the ideal drinking date to the bottles. However, I wasn’t able to pick out the bottles that I wanted, and I even forgot about some bottles that were unique in terms of their vintage and designation. So I thought about creating a more legible system without managing to arrive at a neat, efficient solution.

Once I saw CLIPOGOULO I was immediately won over by it. It enables me to see all the information easily, and it looks great as well.


How do you use it in your cabinet?

As soon as my CLIPOGOULO order arrived I quickly filled in the identification labels and got everything in order in my cellar. In addition to the ideal drinking date which I wrote down beforehand, I was delighted to be able to read the wine-grower’s name and the wine’s designation and vintage! It enables me to know exactly where any bottle is that I’m looking for.

I also took the opportunity to empty out my whole cellar and to use an app which is specifically designed for the purpose to record all the wines, so I can see in real time exactly what I’ve got even when I’m away from home.

In any event, the CLIPOGOULO labels are beautifully practical as well as being great to look at!

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